Majestic China Tour

Our Majestic China Tour brings you through the heart of China over the course of fourteen amazing days. Experience the ancient treasures of Xi’an, the classical elegance  of Beijing’s imperial palaces, and the modern wonder of Shanghai’s Pudong area. Cruise through the breathtaking Three Gorges region on a relaxing and luxurious Yangtze River cruise boat while you learn about the dramatic progress (and destruction) of one of the world’s largest engineering projects.


Dates & Prices


Year round (excluding Spring Festival)



14 days/13 nights







(*prices based on 2 travelers)

Tour Features
- Sites including: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Terracotta Warriors, Yangtze River Cruise, Three Gorges Dam visit, Shanghai Bund, Jiangnan Water Town


- Meals including Peking Duck, Xi’an dumpling baquet, Sichuan feast, and Shanghai seafood delights


- Accommodations at four-star hotels


- Private transportation & dedicated guides throughout the tour


Sample Itinerary
Day 1
Meet us at Beijing Capital Airport for a private transfer to your hotel, a former Qing-dynasty official’s courtyard house in the heart of old Beijing. Later, enjoy a welcome banquet of Peking Duck and Beijing specialties.


Day 2
In the morning, arrive at Tiananmen Square and walk under the gate bearing the world-famous portrait of Mao through to the Forbidden City, home of emperors for over 500 years. In the afternoon, visit the Temple of Heaven, where the emperor communicated with the gods. Later, savor a variety of teas while you watch Chinese martial arts and Peking opera at the Laoshe Teahouse.


Day 3
Hike the wild Great Wall at Jinshanling while enjoying the mountain scenery that was once the border between China and Mongol lands. In the evening, take a stroll through Wangfujing’s famous night markets to try some of Beijing’s most interesting and exciting snacks.


Day 4
In the morning, check out Beijing’s flourishing modern art scene with a trip to the 798 Art District, where old factories and warehouses have been converted into a community of galleries and art studios. Say goodbye to Beijing, China’s current capital, and fly to Xi’an, Beijing’s ancient capital. After transferring to your hotel, savor a 25-course dumpling meal while dining next to the ancient drum and bell towers of Xi’an.


Day 5
Feel the awesome strength that first unified China by driving out to the countryside to view the site of the Terracotta Warriors archeological dig. Then visit the Han Yang Tombs archeological site, an active dig discovered in the late 90s. Through these Han-dynasty artifacts, learn about ancient China’s transition from militaristic dictatorship to harmonious Confucian society.


Day 6
In the morning, meet the Chinese Muslim population of Xi’an at one of China’s oldest mosques. Enjoy a traditional Xi’an-style lunch of local “belt-style” noodles and other treats. Afterwards, walk or bike along the fully intact Ming-dynasty city wall. In the afternoon, take a trip to the ancient Large Wild Goose Pagoda, and learn how Buddhism first entered China from India through the great monk Xuanzang.


Day 7
Fly from Xi’an to Chongqing. Pop into the Chongqing zoo to watch the giant pandas play and chomp loads of bamboo. In the evening, enjoy one of the world’s most famous spicy cuisines, then board a luxury Yangtze River cruise boat, where you can rest and relax in comfort as you sail downstream.


Day 8
Wind down the river through areas recently inundated by the Three Gorges Dam project. Visit with residents of the relocated town of Fengdu to learn about the effect the dam has had on their lives and livelihoods. Stroll through a local vegetable market where you can try delicious local candies and pickles.


Day 9
Enter the Three Gorges area early in the morning. Around mid-day, travel by ferry and then sampan through the Small Three Gorges area. The local Bai minority people will guide you as you listen to their songs and learn about their traditional boat pulling culture. Keep an eye open for monkeys playing along the riverbanks. After returning to the cruise ship, enter the massive locks that pass traffic through the Three Gorges Dam area.


Day 10
Arrive at the site of the Three Gorges Dam. View the dam while learning about its engineering and construction, environmental impact, and energy production properties. Eat a Hubei-style banquet in a gigantic greenhouse in Yichang. Transfer to the local airport and fly to Shanghai. Spend the evening at a cafe in the elegant French Concession right outside your door or stroll along the Bund to view the mixture of 19th century European architecture and ultra-modern skyscrapers.


Day 11
Walk down Shanghai’s famous Nanjing Road to the Shanghai Museum. Once at the museum, enjoy some of China’s finest collections of ancient jade, painting, calligraphy, statues, coins, and clothing. From the museum, make your way to the Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai’s tallest broadcasting tower, and get a panoramic view of the city from 1150 feet above ground. Back on the ground, visit the Shanghai City History Museum for an overview of city’s transitions and cultural influences during its colonial occupation.


Day 12
Take a day trip to a well-preserved Jiangnan village where canals are the main means of transportation. Learn about the region’s traditional silk, textile, and tea industries. Once back in the city, watch the world-famous Shanghai acrobats perform technically complex and aesthetically amazing feats.


Day 13
Early in the morning, enjoy local snacks and shop for toys and trinkets and the markets surrounding the Yu Gardens. Enter the gardens and smell the sweet osmanthus alongside shaded koi ponds and precious rock sculptures. After a delicious lunch featuring Shanghai’s famous soup dumplings, head to Shanghai’s city planning museum to get an overview of this megacity’s past and future.


Day 14
Check out of your hotel in the morning and transfer to Shanghai’s Pudong international airport for your return flight. If you are headed to the US, you will arrive on the same day that you leave China.

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